Whole Smoked Chicken


(1) Whole Chicken

Lillie's Q Q-Rub (30 grams)

Lillie's Q Brisket Pepper (20 grams)

Brine (see Thanksgiving Turkey recipe)


    1. Spatchcock the chicken

    2. Place chicken in a large container and cover with a brine of your choosing.

    3. Cover the container with a tight lid and place in a cooler or fridge overnight.

    4. Season the chicken with Q-Rub and then season again with Brisket Pepper.

    5. Place chicken skin side up in a 225 degree smoker for 2 1/2 hours.

    6. Insert a probe thermometer into the thigh. Once the temperature reaches 155 degrees, your chicken is ready to enjoy!

    Note: For a Northern Alabama twist on our Smoked Chicken, dunk the entire finished chicken in our Alabama white barbecue sauce, Ivory.