Szechuan Peppercorn Coleslaw


  • green cabbage (850 grams)

  • chopped dill pickle (200 grams)

  • red cabbage (150 grams)

  • lillie’s q ENC (75 grams)

  • lillie’s q ivory (35 grams)

  • chopped parsley (30 grams)

  • salt (10 grams)

  • szechuan peppercorn (5 grams)



  1. Chop and mix both cabbages, the parsley, and the pickles.

  2. Salt the cabbage mix.

  3. Mix in pickle, ENC, and Ivory.

  4. Add szechuan peppercorn and mix thoroughly.

  5. Let sit for one hour chilled in the fridge and then enjoy!


NOTE For a milder, more Southern slaw, omit the szechuan peppercorns. Alternatively, you can substitute Brisket Pepper which will create a delicious black pepper coleslaw.